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Established in 1985, Webb Electronics is the only emergency elevator telephone manufacturer that began by installing other brands of equipment. This has given us a unique perspective. Not only did we get to see the strengths and weaknesses of all the major products, but it also gave us valuable insight into what is important for installers, elevator companies, and property managers. We think that the results of this background will please you.

With thousands of units now in service, we are proud to say that Webb equipment is now the most frequently specified elevator telephone system in Canada. Our continuing policy of doing field maintenance and system installation allows us to directly observe how well our equipment is working and make ongoing improvements. It is our strong belief that there is no substitute for this "real world laboratory" in providing you with excellent products.

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Vancouver (British Columbia)

Toronto (Ontario)

Montreal (Quebec)

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    5750 Vanden Abeele,
    St. Laurent, QC
    H4S 1R9
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    Tel: 514-945-9333
    Fax: 514-990-9925
    Toll free: 1-877-790-9925

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    Manager: Anik Gagnon